The following product lines and system components are available:

Marine Gear Boxes

Suitable for engines from 200kW up to 40000kW

Applications for CPP,HS, OD, HSC, PTO, Twin, PTI, PTH, CODOG, CODAD, CODAG, CODLAG, Planetary and Main Propulsion

Slide Bearings

Marine stern tube bearings and thrust blocks, merchant and military.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Biological Type, Gravity or Vacuum option

Sewage Capacity of up to 600 men

Desalination and Demineralization

Reverse Osmosis Type, single, double and triple pass systems

Capacities up to 1200m3/day

Nitrogen Generator

Pressure Swing Absorption Type

Capacities up to 5400m3/h, 99.9999% purity

Vacuum Sanitary System

Helical Screw Vacuum Pumps

Pump Capacity of up to 500m3/hr

Wide range of vacuum toilets, urinals and squat pan types available


Curved tooth couplings, diaphragm and steel disk couplings for all speeds.

Push fit Piping Systems

Available in Stainless Steel 316L and 304L

Up to 4 Bar pressure, 250mm diameter

Black and Grey wastewater application

Mechanical Compression Coupling Piping System

Available in Stainless Steel 316L, Copper, Copper Nickel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium & Plastic composite

Up to 16 Bar pressure, 108mm diameter

Compressed Air, Potable Water, Heating, Air conditioning systems, Waste Water, Sprinklers, Seawater application

Vacuum System Maintenance

Safe and green chemicals and dosing units for automated vacuum system maintenance

Allows vacuum system operation while cleaning is in progress

Oxygen Generator

Pressure Swing Absorption Type

Capacities up to 400m3/h, 95% purity

Industrial Drains

Available in Stainless Steel 316L and 304L

Standard and Customized drains available

Heat Weld Plastic Piping System

Available in High Density Polyethylene

Black and Grey wastewater application

Vibration Compensator

Horizontal and Vertical types

Rectify unwanted Hull Beam, H-moment, 2nd

Order, X-moment, Axial thrust, Propeller vibrations

Roof Drainage Systems

Available in High density Polyethylene

Using heat weld joining technology